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Resolving Disputes Over Estates And Trusts

While overseeing the administration of an estate, a dispute can be one of the biggest obstacles to its resolution. While they may not always be desirable, an estate dispute may be necessary to uphold the wishes of a decedent. Whether you are someone trying to dispute an estate or trust or defend them from contestation, you will need guidance from an experienced Missouri estate planning and administration attorney.

At Banjak & Associates, LLC, you can find the guidance of a lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in these matters. We can help you understand what grounds can call for contestation and help you through the contestation process from either side.

Why Someone May Need To Contest An Estate Or Trust

Before someone can contest an estate or trust, they need to have a direct financial interest in the outcome of the administration of the trust or estate. If they do have this vested interest, they can pursue a contestation for reasons including:

  • The testator did not have the mental capacity when the estate or trust was created.
  • The legal document was made through undue influence.
  • The legal document was created through fraud or forgery.
  • Property disputes from a beneficiary or heir.
  • Fiduciary misconduct from a trustee over the assets in question.

These disputes can also be about removing or defending trustees and their access to an inheritance. Whatever the reason, we can help you develop a case to either contest or defend an estate to uphold the last wishes of a loved one.

Settle Your Dispute With Experience

No matter what side of these disputes you have found yourself on, we can help you pursue the ideal outcome in your situation. Contact our St. Louis office by calling us at 314-886-5001 or emailing us here to schedule your initial consultation today.